Who are The Winlos?

About Us

We use creative skits, sketches and dramatic illustrations of common life issues to inspire our viewers.


 Ohis and Anwinli Ojeikere are The Winlos! They met and became friends few years ago while acting and writing drama in their church drama group. 

From church rendezvous to dinner mingling, love entwines the hearts of these two best friends. They got married to each other.

 They now travel within and outside the country painting the Jesus picture so vividly that it has won them numerous awards and brought recognition back to the mini-drama community in Christianity. One of their skits GOD TOLD ME TO MARRY YOU shot them to lime light with several millions of views all over the world and also earned them international recognition, with some of their skits being translated into French,Hindi and other languages.

They are indeed a breath of fresh air in Christian Comedy.

They mentor and inspire thousands of married and unmarried couples worldwide.

Their relationship series is unrivaled.  They host their popular comedy show THE WINLOS SHOW (TWS) every February which consist of pure comedy, stage play and music. And also a weekly Friday series on their internet tv called: ASK THE WINLOS which is very interactive and has transformed a number of lives.  In addition, they host a campus tour every year tagged MRC (MY RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE) 

They carry a dynamic excellence and bespoke exuberance in all their programs and wherever they go! Married for six years now and blessed with a daughter, Aima, they also serve as lead Pastors at The Votage. A vibrant church expression of the Winlos Ministry.

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